Pre-made covers

All pre-made covers are $80 each. Minimal changes are allowed, and it is up to the designer to determine what that entails.

If you want a custom-made cover, you can contact the designer directly through their website or e-mail. Custom covers are not connected to Authors’ Tale’s policy and the individual designer’s process and policy is not determined, supported, nor affiliated with Authors’ Tale.

What does your purchase include?

Front cover image (for e-book)

Full pdf (for paperback)

Book mockup


Book ad, or book cover reveal ad*

To see eligible book ads, look under the “Single Ad” section here.

*only if release date is known



What happens when I choose a cover?

You will provide your information in the contact form, and the designer will contact you and personalize your cover. You will receive confirmation from Authors’ Tale, too, and you can discuss any questions or concerns with either the designer or Authors’ Tale.

What happens to the cover after I buy it?

All covers are original and the rights are sold to the author. This means the cover is removed from the Authors’ Tale market.

It’s the designer’s responsibility to remove the cover from their site or any other sites that might be offering their cover for sale. All designers must agree to remove a cover from other sites after it’s sold because the rights are sold with it. Any designer who does not comply will be removed completely and banned from the Authors’ Tale market, so please contact us if this is the case. First, though, contact the designer if you see your cover on another site shortly after purchasing a cover. Authors’ Tale is only limited to power over their sites and any additional issues must be addressed by contacting the designer directly.

When do I receive my cover?

If you don’t require any changes with the exception of the title, blurb, author name, and other small text elements, you will receive your cover shortly after the purchase.

Any additional changes will be made within the week, and you will work directly with the designer.

Can I get a custom cover?

Yes, but not through Authors’ Tale. Each designer’s information will be available and you can visit their site and request a custom cover.

What if the designer is taking too long to send me my cover?

This shouldn’t happen. All designers are required to be available to make changes within the same week of a cover purchase.

If this does happen, though, contact Authors’ Tale at authorstalestories at gmail dot com (in normal e-mail address format) and notify us if the designer won’t respond.

What if I want different ads than what is provided in the $80?

Authors’ Tale also offers custom ads for books, but these cannot be switched out with the cover package. A page for custom ads will be available soon.

I’m a designer. Can I sell my covers here?

Yes. If you’re a designer interested in having your covers featured here, you must fill out a form and agree to all our terms, which will be sent to you after you send your request.