Cover Designer Request Form

This is for those who are interested in selling pre-made book covers through Authors’ Tale.

If you are interested in selling covers through Authors’ Tale, great! We would love to have you in our group of amazing designers.

We hope to bring designers, illustrators, editors, and authors together to better provide quality services and meet our community’s needs.

Before you jump in and fill out the form, though, please read the summary of what you’ll have to agree to prior to selling book covers with Authors’ Tale:

  • You get 75 percent of a book cover’s sales; AT gets 25 percent (if covers are sold for $80, you get $60)
  • One year after the cover is not sold, it will either be discounted or removed—you choose
  • You’re not responsible for creating ads unless you want to be
  • You’re agreeing to be accessible and therefore responsive to messages from AT and your prospective clients
  • You have all proper licenses/rights to images you’re using
  • You’ll notify us if your cover is sold elsewhere so we can stop selling it
  • You’ll remove your cover for sale if we sell it for you
  • You’ll comply with your tax laws; we are not your employers
  • If you’re unable to make necessary changes, Authors’ Tale will, but there will be a 10 percent reduction from your 75 percent share. (You get 65 percent of the sale and AT gets 35 percent.)
  • You will provide us with the original file containing all layers of the cover to confirm its originality and in agreement to the above bullet

You will need to read the full contract, but these are the terms that will stick out to you and are provided in greater detail within the context of the contract itself (it also sounds better). These are laid out simply for a general idea of what to expect.

Ready to apply?

Cover designer form