Once Upon a Wednesday

Once Upon A Wednesday
By members of Authors’ Tale

Published March 15, 2017

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This anthology features sixteen stories, three seasonal short story collaborations, and 110 writing prompts.

Find love in a best friend after being trapped in a cabin, discover a new kind of magic after you run out of your own, or run from what you discover to be your greatest fear. The first volume of a series from Authors’ Tale offers a genre for every reader.
Sixteen stories, along with three featured short collaborations, provide all readers with a reason to discover the authors inside.
Experience others’ lives, hopes, or nightmares. Let their journey become yours.
Read for a happy ending or gasp at a morbid cliffhanger. Members from Authors’ Tale have their own story to share, so take a chance and be a part of it.

Supported organization

Literacy for Incarcerated Teens is an organization that works toward ending illiteracy and give rise to future generations of readers, beginning in the jails and correction facilities. Authors’ Tale gives all profits that come from the purchase of Once Upon a Wednesday to this organization.