Heart of a Child

Heart of a Child PSD
By members of Authors’ Tale

Published March 15, 2017

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This anthology features twenty stories, two seasonal short story collaborations, and 50 writing prompts.

Whether you want to take a trip through time, go on an adventure in your back yard, or feel a burst of excitement only to return to an adult reality, each story has something for every reader who wants to feel like a child or be part of a life many children have led before.
Take a trip down memory lane or pull your child into your lap and see the world through their eyes. In this second anthology written by members of Authors’ Tale, both light and heavy themes bring out the child in almost every genre.
This year’s anthology features many stories about young hearts and some written for young-at-hearts. These tales will make any reader feel nostalgic or even open their eyes to something they never considered—something that will challenge their view of what childhood can really be like.


Supported organization

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Children of the Nations is a charity that seeks to bring children out of poverty and help them improve their lifestyle long-term. All profits from Heart of a Child will go to this organization.