About Authors’ Tale


The mission of Authors’ Tale is to create or provide opportunities for writers to learn and grow, and to create teachers for the writers of the future.

Authors’ Tale is a writing group on Facebook that has slowly grown since its birth in 2014. It started as a place simply to seek a few others who might help a budding writer, but it grew, introducing many to writing and being part of growth for many. It has also provided a platform for veteran authors to share their knowledge and experience, and learn new things in the process.

All the action happens on Facebook, so check it out here.

Writers to authors

Authors’ Tale is not a publishing company. However, the group publishes an anthology yearly that features a workshop so writers can improve their stories before final submissions are due.

Cover designers, judges, and editors are welcome to come together and help put the anthology together. The final result features writing prompts that were eligible for the anthology, as well as the stories that were voted on.


Cayce Berryman founded the group, and as it expanded, members had more questions and asked for more opportunities. Writing prompts were created, as well as creative games and, soon, an anthology. Cayce also offered her editing services to authors in the group, as well as her experience in design for feedback regarding book cover design.

Cayce has a background in news editing and writing. She has an associate in journalism, a bachelor’s in creative writing and English, and a certificate for copywriting from AWAI.

To learn more about Cayce, click here.