About Authors’ Tale


The mission of Authors’ Tale is to create and provide opportunities for writers to learn and grow, and to create teachers for the writers of the future.

Authors’ Tale is a writing community on Facebook that has slowly grown since its birth in June 2014. It started as a place to seek others who might help a budding writer, but it has also provided a platform for veteran authors to share their knowledge and experience, and to learn new things in the process.

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Cayce Berryman

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I created Authors’ Tale June 20, 2014. I live in Louisville, Kentucky, but I’m a born Texan and the South will always be my home. I design newspapers for the USA Today Network, edit books professionally as a freelancer, and I’m a writing coach. I sound busy—and I guess I am—but I still try to make God, family, and friends my priorities. I love everything I do and try to let that show, though it makes me a bit of a hermit. 🙂

I write literary, fantasy, and suspense. I have learned a lot as a writer and editor, and I’ve self-published short stories, but I still want to publish traditionally. I’m not done yet!

Authors’ Tale was originally created so I could find authors who knew more than I did. The writing journey took a strong hold of me, though, and my quest for help turned on me and asked me to teach. I earned a BA in creative writing and English and an AA in journalism. I fell in love with editing and with the community that grew as I did; we grew together. I want so much for the AT members, and I think it bleeds into fifty new ideas that pop up at random. I want nothing more than to continue this growth and find more ways to provide our members with the resources to become the best they can be, and be for them what they always will be for me.

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Michelle King

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I joined Authors’ Tale in July 2015. I was born and raised in Boston, MA, but after moving up and down the east coast with the Navy, I’ve settled in Nashua, NH. I have two part-time jobs, one at Michael’s craft stores as a cashier and one at an assisted living home as an on-call receptionist. The rest of my time is mostly spent chasing around my three boys, ages ten, seven, and four, and trying not to rip too much of my hair out.

My mind is pretty all over the place with writing (actually, when it comes to everything). What really puts my pen to paper are fantasy and therapeutic general/literary fiction. My goal would be to have my novels in print and to connect with my readers, maybe help out someone who needs an escape or to know they aren’t alone in their struggles.

Authors’ Tale has definitely opened me up to both giving and receiving critique, which was always hard for me. It has given me an amazingly supportive network of writing friends, many of whom I consider family. As an admin, I hope to keep the Authors’ Tale community as warm and friendly as it has been since I joined. I’d like for other people to be able to enjoy it as a trusted writing resource and as a source of inspiration and support.

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Crystal Burton

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I joined Authors’ Tale at the end of July in 2015. I’m a stay-at-home mother and wife living in central Texas. I do the typical “mom” stuff, but when I steal some time for myself, I’m also a freelance editor and author-in-progress.

I’ve been known to write across all genres, but my heart calls to fantasy. My goals are pretty typical: get published traditionally (by Tor Fantasy, preferably), engage readers, share my stories . . . However, my end game is to become known as the “mother of fantasy” even if I don’t achieve that until after I’m gone.

I wanted to be an author all my life but had no idea where one started upon that path. It wasn’t until I joined Authors’ Tale that I discovered becoming an author was—and is—entirely achievable for anyone who sets their heart and mind to it. I learned how to be a better writer and trust my instincts as well as how to assert myself in the community. As an admin, I hope to lead other aspiring authors to the same knowledge and enlightenment I’ve gained throughout my time in this group. The Authors’ Tale community has taught me so much; I can only hope to return the favor.

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Kerry Waight

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I joined Authors’ Tale in April 2016. I live in a holiday hotspot on the New South Wales     Central Coast of Australia called Terrigal. I am married with two adult children who have “flown the nest.” Although I’m retired, I am really busy with our dog Bindi, singing in a local choir called Jubila, helping from time to time with an animal rescue group called Peggy’s Promise, and, of course, writing.

I write historical fiction and nonfiction, but mostly fiction in heavily researched historical context. My aim is to become a published author. I have had a nonfiction piece published in a historical magazine.

Authors’ Tale has changed both my writing and my perspective on writing. I have never really worried about short stories before. I was laboring with my novel and actually not getting very far. The short stories have me writing regularly again, and I am really enjoying that. As a moderator, I would like to think that I can help keep Authors’ Tale the community we all love: support for all writers, mutual exchange, and respect. We are a community and need to stay that way.

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