Our mission: to grow and learn, always.

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Welcome to the Authors’ Tale website!  We are a group of writers who learn, share, and teach. We offer writing opportunities, workshops, writing prompts, and more. To learn more about Authors’ Tale and how it began, click here.



Authors’ Tale is not a promotion group. We do not allow unauthorized ads, and those we do allow are on a particular day set aside for writers to share their platforms and more. The group was created for writers who seek to improve, and we provide opportunities for them to do so.


The founder of Authors’ Tale, Cayce Berryman, is a professional editor and offers discounted services to AT members who have been in the group for two years or more. She created the group in 2014. She has a bachelor’s in creative writing and English, which was preceded by her background in journalism and news editing. Visit her website here.

Michelle King, one of the group’s veteran members and prior admin, is a freelance copyeditor and proofreader who works alongside Cayce in their joint editing company, Kingsman Editing. Visit their website here.

Three of our four admins and moderators have experience with editing and/or formatting and can always be found around the group, ready to answer your questions and share their knowledge.


Every year, the group puts together an anthology, the profits of which go toward a dedicated charity chosen prior to publication. This opens up opportunities for writers, editors, and cover designers. All positions are volunteer only (as is the position of the founder), but they will be credited accordingly and promoted along with the anthology itself.

All submissions are required to follow a set theme, the title of the anthology. Within that theme, the qualifying submissions must adhere to the inspiration behind one of the prompts listed in Authors’ Tale. The anthology is not limited by genre.


All writers in the group are encouraged to share their work when they need help. The group is about aiding other writers, but it’s also about asking for aid. The members must help each other. That is the Authors’ Tale foundation.